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  • Self-cleaning Screen Filter
  • Self-cleaning Screen Filter
  • Self-cleaning Screen Filter

    Self-cleaning Screen Filter

    Various materials such as SS304/SS316/Duplex 2207 are available.

    High efficiency, energy saving and low water consumption.

    All dimensions (including connection size) can be customized.

    No human intervention is required ideal for the production line.

    Hign anti-corrosive and explosion-proof standard.

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    Self-cleaning Screen Filter


    JX Self-cleaning Screen Filter can remove suspended solids from 4000 to 20 microns. The automatic flushing method is based on pressure-differential, hydraulic and electric control options and could remove both organic (algae, slime, floating debris) as well as sand, grit and inorganic particles to a fine micron level.

    Self-cleaning Screen Filter Self-cleaning Screen Filter

    It can be manufactured by SS304/ SS316/ SS316L/ Duplex 2207 etc. to achieve the anti-corrosive effect. Moreover, the cleaning cycle takes less than 15 seconds and does not interrupt the filtration process.

    Self-cleaning Screen Filter Self-cleaning Screen Filter

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    Working Principle

    A drainage valve is equipped to the end cover of the filter. When starting the filter, feed flow through the inlet to the inner screen surface, impurities continuously accumulate on the screen surface, increasing the differential pressure between the inner and outer screen. When the differential pressure meets the preset value, the pressure switch (PDS) sends a signal to the controller to start the backwashing cycle, open the drainage valve, and let the sewage out.

    Self-cleaning Screen Filter
    • Compact designs allow flexibility in installation position and orientation.
    • Continuous automatic operation requires no operator intervention.
    • Low water consumption for cleaning, less than 1% of total flow.
    • Electric drive, vertical installation, reliable and durable brush cleaning system.
    • Easy to disassemble and cleaning and the maintenance costs are very low.
    • Water Treatment
    • Industrial
    • Process Cooling
    • Chilled Water
    • Irrigation
    • Pre-filtration of seawater

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    Self-cleaning Screen Filter

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    Self-cleaning Screen Filter


    Where is your factory?

    We have three factories in Sichuan, Hebei, Jiangsu. Because the difference of customer locations, raw material price, factory wages and other considerations. In this way, we can provide the best quality product with lower cost.

    Do you have a certification?

    Yes. we have ISO/CE/BV/SGS/TUV certificate and patent certificate.

    How about the delivery time?

    Usually 1-15 days after prepayment is confirmed.

    Do you have a design team?

    Yes, we have. Providing drawing, electric drawing and others.

    What is your payment?

    T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal.

    Can you provide certificate of origin?

    yes, we can provide CO as well as FORM E, FOEM F and etc.

    Can you accept OEM?

    Yes, we could do OEM for you.

    Can you send me a sample?

    Yes.1-3 days for delivery.

    Refund immediately if not satisfied.