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  • Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series
  • Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series
  • Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series

    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series

    Designed for treatment capacity: 50-1000m3/h.

    Technical parameters could be preset to meet requirements.

    All dimensions (including connection size) can be customized.

    Uninterrupted water supply during cleaning.

    High filtration precision: 25-4000um available.

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    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series


    JX Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series can remove suspended solids from 25 to 4000 microns. The automatic flushing method is based on pressure-differential/ time/PLC and could remove both organic (algae, slime, floating debris) as well as sand, grit and inorganic particles to a fine micron level.

    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series

    It can be manufactured by SS304/ SS316/ SS316L/ Duplex 2207 etc. to achieve the anti-corrosive effect. The cleaning method is simple, and the cleaning cycle is monitored, which can realize automatic cleaning and sewage discharge.

    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series

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    Working Principle

    The raw liquid flows through the screen, and the particles retain on the screen of the filter element. Filtered water flows out through the outlet.
    The self-cleaning mode can be started by pressing, timing, or manual three ways, following the pressure difference principle.
    When the internal and external pressure difference (ΔP) reaches the set value, the self-cleaning mode starts. Drainpipe hydraulic valve open, sucking the scanner to produce negative pressure suction nozzle inside, absorbing impurities, and sucking scanner in under hydraulic motor along the inside surface mesh do reciprocating screw, movement, no cleaning blind area, impurities by the discharge outlet.
    The controller sets the cleaning time of the self-cleaning filter in advance. The drain valve is closed after cleaning, and little water loss in the cleaning process.

    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series
    • Compact designs allow flexibility in installation.
    • It has an excellent effect on various viscous substances, colloidal particles, and mud sand in the water
    • The filter body is welded by stainless steel with high intensity, and the service life is 25 years.
    • No need to stop the machine for backwashing. Realize backwashing while filtering.
    • Low water consumption for sewage discharge, no more than 1% of the total flow.
    • The filter elements and other main components are easy to install and disassemble.
    Technical Parameters
    Model Connection Screen area
    JXAF-803LOPR 80 320 27345011411575 2075 555 50 140
    JXAF-804LOPR 100 5780 27390015051935 2735 555 100 170
    JXAF-806LOPR 150 5780 32590015052275 2735 625 150 183
    JXAF-806XLP 150 8410 27390018412115 3471 555 160 205
    JXAF-808PR 200 5780 32590016852515 2915 625 250 195
    JXAF-808LOPR 200 8410 32590020852315 3715 625 300 235
    JXAF-810PR 250 8090 42690018852515 3515 726 350 250
    JXAF-810LOPR 250 8410 37790020853155 3715 677 400 270
    JXAF-810XLP 250 11710 4261100272531554755 7336 450 430
    JXAF-812PR 300 11710 4261100272531554755 736 600 435
    JXAF-814PR 350 12990 4801270272531554755 810 1000455
    JXAF-816PR 400 12990 4801270272531554755 810 1200480
    JXAF-816XLP 400 17020 6301270272531554755 1010 1500680
    • Water Treatment
    • Industrial
    • Process Cooling
    • Chilled Water
    • Irrigation
    • Pre-filtration of seawater

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    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series

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    Hydraulic Filter AF-800 Series


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