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  • Automatic Backwash Strainer
  • Automatic Backwash Strainer
  • Automatic Backwash Strainer

    Automatic Backwash Strainer

    Compact structure covering small installation area.

    Extends the service life of filter elements.

    Energy-saving: low pressure and cleaning water consumption.

    Greater effectiveness and reduction in pressure drops.

    Suitable for high-speed, large-flow, low-viscosity liquid filtration.

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    Automatic Backwash Strainer


    JX Automatic Backwash Strainer utilizes control panels to activate and monitor the backwashing process, which leads to zero human interruptions during the operation. The cleaning system can be controlled by preset pressure difference and time or manual.

    Automatic Backwash Strainer Automatic Backwash Strainer

    It could clean itself instantly after differential pressure has been reached. It has the advantages of saving costs and not requiring an external medium to clean filter elements in water treatment plants.

    Automatic Backwash Strainer Automatic Backwash Strainer

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    Working Principle

    The water that needs to be filtered flows into the shell through the lower bottom of the filter and enters the filter element's lumen through the rotary table from bottom to top, and drained out through the filter element. The filtered clean water flows out from the upper outlet of the filter. Solid impurities are trapped in the filter element's inner side—no need to cut off the water flow when the filter is in the backwashing process. The motor drives the filter wheel to rotate, and at the same time, the drain valve was opened. The filtered clean water will backwash each filter element in turns. The pressure difference between the water pressure in the filter and the atmospheric pressure can reversely make filtration liquid flow. The intercept impurity on the inner face of the filter element can be removed. After the wheel rotates around, the backwashing process is over. Then the backwashing valve closed, and the drive motor stops.

    Automatic Backwash Strainer
    • During the backwashing process, each group of filter elements are backwashed in turn.
    • Large filtering area and high filter precision: 25-3000 microns.
    • The high tensile wedge wire filter element with long service life.
    • Construction material can be SS304/SS316/Carbon steel/ Duplex steel etc.
    • Equipped with 10'' touch screen: convenient operation and pressure/time settings.
    Technical Parameters
    Flow Rate(m3/h) 1-5000
    Filter Rating (um) 25-3000
    Working Pressure 0-10
    Valve Motor or Pneumatic
    Filtration StandardGB150, HG/T21637/ASME
    Filter Element MOC SS304/316 Hastelloy
    Valve MOC CS, SS304/316 Hastelloy
    Seal MOC Buna-N, EPDM, Fluorous rubber
    Model Inlet/outlet Drain Flow Rate at 100um
    Motor Power
    XF-F-300DN100 DN401800.37
    XF-F-400DN150 DN402900.37
    XF-F-500DN200 DN404200.37
    XF-F-600DN250 DN506200.55
    XF-F-700DN300 DN507300.55
    XF-F-700DN350 DN5012300.55
    XF-F-800DN350 DN509400.55
    XF-F-800DN400 DN8014000.55
    XF-F-900DN400 DN8016000.55
    XF-F-900DN450 DN8019000.55
    XF-F-1000DN450 DN8020700.55
    • Water and wastewater
    • Pulp and paper
    • Chemicals
    • Petrochemical
    • Iron and steel
    • Nonferrous metal
    • Plastic extrusion
    • Machine coolant filtration
    • Engineering, etc.

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    Automatic Backwash Strainer

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    Automatic Backwash Strainer


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