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  • Automatic Brush Filter FL Series
  • Automatic Brush Filter FL Series
  • Automatic Brush Filter FL Series

    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series

    Compact structure covering a small area.

    Less pressure and cleaning water loss.

    Widely applied in water treatment and chemical industry.

    No need to change the filter element for over 10 years.

    Simple Siemens control system in English version.

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    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series


    JX Brush Filter FL Series is a fully automatic self-cleaning electric device, which can reduce maintenance costs and protect downstream equipment. It uses a high-precision and high-intensity wedge wire filter element with an accuracy of 40-4000um.

    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series Automatic Brush Filter FL Series

    There is continuous flow during backwashing, and the water consumption is very small, not exceeding 1% of the total flow. It is suitable for seriously polluted liquid with large flow rate.

    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series Automatic Brush Filter FL Series

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    Working Principle

    The water flows through the screen, and the particles are retained on the screen of the filter element. The filtered water flows out through the outlet. When the particles accumulated to a certain number and the pressure differential increases to the pre-determined level, the flushing cycle starts. It includes two steps: first, the automatic drain valve opens on the drainage outlet. The electronic motor then drives the cleaning brushes inside the screen, and the solids are expelled through the drain valve. Filters continue to supply filtered water when backwashing. The whole working system is controlled by a controller with several control modes: pressure differential, time, manual, and PLC.

    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series
    • Short cleaning time: about 2-15 seconds without any intervention.
    • The effective filtration area of the standard filter element is 7-40 times the entrance area.
    • Various control methods: such as manual, pressure difference, time and PLC.
    • Fully enclosed design and automatic operation mean virtually no operator intervention of materials contact.
    • The connection method with the user pipeline is flange connection. The flange adopts the international standard flange with high versatility.
    Technical Parameters
    Model Connection A
    JXFL-50 50 240250700560420900 250.1219 50
    JXFL-65 65 240250700560420900 250.1230 70
    JXFL-80 80 240250700590420900 400.1250 80
    JXFL-1001002404009505904201250 400.1880 105
    JXFL-15015026049010806104201400 500.18150180
    JXFL-20020033059014106805181860 500.25320235
    JXFL-25025038063014907806201990 500.25490260
    JXFL-30030041579018508306802650 500.37710420
    JXFL-35035041579018508306802650 500.37970620
    JXFL-40040046579019509307802750 500.371260738
    JXFL-45045051079019809508702860 500.371600860
    JXFL-500500510790210010508703050 650.551970910
    • Water Treatment
    • Petrochemical
    • Metallurgy
    • Electric Power
    • Chemical
    • Paint & Printing Ink
    • Paper
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Metal Processing Industries, etc.

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    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series

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    Automatic Brush Filter FL Series


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