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    Filter Bag

    Relatively long service life.

    High-pressure resistance.

    Acid and alkali resistance.

    Temperature resistance 150℃.

    High retention rate with low cost.

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    Filter Bag


    The filter bag is mainly used in petrochemical, coatings and paints, biomedicine, automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, industrial dust removal and other fields. It is characterized by a loose fiber structure and a high rate of increase in impurities' capacity.

    Filter Bag Filter Bag

    This fiber material is a compound interception mode, which effectively removes solids and soft particles. Larger impurities are trapped on the fiber's surface. In contrast, fine particles are captured in the filter material's deep layer to ensure that filter bag will not damage due to pressure increase.

    Filter Bag Filter Bag

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    Table 1-Sizes and Specifications
    Size Max flowrate(m3/h) Filter area
    Processing mode Material
    1-3μm 5-200μm
    #018160.258.0180440Steel wire seam
    /Plastic hot melting
    #0220320.5017.0180810Steel wire seam
    /Plastic hot melting
    #03360.091.3102210Steel wire seamPE/PP/MO
    #046120.162.5102380Steel wire seamPE/PP/MO
    Table 2-Performances
    Material Temperature*
    Water Aliphatic
    Weak base Weak acid Alkali strong acid
    PP 90  
    PE 160  
    Nylon 160   
    * approximate value ●applicable

    Remarks: the above information is reliable but does not mean that it is a guarantee.
    The user needs to make a test to determine the appropriate filter material.

    Correct Selection of Filter Bag:

    According to the actual requirements of the filtration process, to determine the filtration mode (deep filtration, surface filtration) first, and then choose the filter bag material by Table 2


    According to the filter flow rate, medium viscosity, filter precision, to determine the size of the filter bag by Table 1

    Filter Bag
    Table 3-Filtration Accuracy

    Filtration products of different materials have different filtration modes, filtration efficiency, and filtration precision. Besides, the filtration efficiency would vary with temperature, viscosity, flow velocity, and filtrate quality. Please select the most suitable filter material according to the actual working conditions.

    MOC Filtration precision available (μm)
    1 5 10 15 25 50 75 100 125 150 200 300

    Remarks: the above information is reliable but does not mean that it is a guarantee.
    The user needs to make a test to determine the appropriate filter material.

    Table 4-Accuracy Conversion
    Mesh12000500025001250 625 550 300 200 140 120 100 70 60 50
    μm 1 3 5 10 20 25 50 70 100 125 149 200250 300
    Chemical Compatibility of Filter Material

    There are many kinds of filter products with different materials. Different filtrates also have other physical and chemical characteristics. In the process of filtration, Filter material must be compatible with it, without chemical reaction. Furthermore, filter material must also face the same pressure and temperature change as filtrate to maintain its fixed structure. Stable and uniform filtration efficiency can be guaranteed only without aperture change, softening, crack, or effusion.

    Table 5- Chemical Compatibility
    Surface affinityTemp. tolerance
    NC35511Oleophilic, hydrophilic 150
    PP41111Slightly oleophilic, lyophobic93
    PE33253Oleophobic, hydrophile 150
    NY35411Slightly oleophilic, lyophobic150
    PT21111Oleophobic, lyophobic 260

    In general, for filtrates with a higher polarity such as acid-alkali and salt, polypropylene (PP) will do. For filtrates with lower filtrate such as solvent, polyester (PE) or Nylon (NY) will be the right choice.

    Table 6-Technical Parameters
    SpecificationGram Weight (g/m2)Thickness(㎜)Density (g/㎝3)Particle dia. (μm)Pore Volume (%)
    1μm 5001.80.311 78
    3μm 4501.70.213 80
    5μm 4001.90.215 85
    10μm 4002.10.1910 86
    25μm 4002.50.1625 88
    50μm 4002.90.1450 90
    Breaking elongation: longitudinal: 89-63               crosswise: 81-56
    Operating temperature: continuous (℃)130             Instant (℃)150

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    Filter Bag

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    Filter Bag


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