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  • 24-Bag Filter Housing
  • 24-Bag Filter Housing
  • 24-Bag Filter Housing

    24-Bag Filter Housing

    Suitable for filtration of water and chemical products, including flammable and explosive materials.

    High-quality O-ring seal to ensure convenient and reliable operation.

    The unique three-point filter bag fixing method.

    Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders are optional.

    Electropolished stainless steel porous supporting filter basket.

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    24-Bag Filter Housing


    JX Filtration 24-bag filter housing can be made by SS 304, SS316 or Carton steel, with a maximum 840 m3/h treatment capacity. It has a large filtering area, small filtering resistance and high filtering efficiency.

    24-Bag Filter Housing 24-Bag Filter Housing

    The 24-bag filter is suitable for any occasions to replace the filter bag after a long time. Pneumatic and hydraulic filter housing is optional for opening and closing the selected for opening and closing the filter. Auxiliary devices include pressure relief valves, positioning pins, etc., which effectively ensure the equipment's safe operation.

    24-Bag Filter Housing 24-Bag Filter Housing

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    Working Principle

    The filter bag is supported by a stainless steel basket inside the filter. The liquid flows in from the inlet and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter bag. The impurities are intercepted in the filter bag.
    This machine is easy to operate. When using, you only need to install the filter bag of the required fineness level in the filter cartridge, check whether the O-ring is intact, close the upper cover, tighten the bolts, and then put it into work. When the pressure above the top cover reaches a certain value, the filter bag needs to be replaced.

    24-Bag Filter Housing
    • Filter bag support: electropolished stainless steel porous.
    • The unique three-point filter bag fixing method ensures good sealing performance.
    • Hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders are optional for simple operation.
    • The high-quality O-ring seal for convenient and reliable operation.
    • The side-in and bottom-out design ensure the liquid can be completely discharged.
    • Automotive industry
    • Electronics industry
    • Fine chemicals
    • Paper industry
    • Food and medicine
    • Coatings
    • Petrochemicals

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    24-Bag Filter Housing

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    24-Bag Filter Housing


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