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What is Coanda Screens Intake?

Coanda Screen

Coanda Screens intake is a self-cleaning water intake. It uses a slanted wedge-shaped wire mesh part to slope downward.

Coanda Screens Intake is located on the downstream surface of the inlet weir. 
An ogee-shaped accelerating plate delivers flow at the precise angle and speed required by the screen to separate the area. 

The Coanda effect promotes consistent contact with the screen surface. The wedge line is placed within a precise and consistent slot tolerance range to filter out debris and particles.

The screened water flowing through the open area is collected in the chamber below to be distributed to the relevant pipes. The specific inclination angle of the wedge wire has an additional shearing effect, which can increase the output.

Technical specifications

  • Raw material: SS 304, SS 316L, duplex steel or on request
  • Slot size: 0.2-5mm or on request
  • Wedge wire and support rod can be customized
  • Screen angle: 25 to 35 degree


Acceleration plate
The accelerator plate is a compact and homogeneous plate that sits above the screen. In addition, the accelerator plate delivers water to the screen at the correct speed and in the desired direction. The accelerator plate also smoothes the water before delivering it to the screen at the proper angle.

Screen panels are typically concave curves with a radius of curvature of 10 to 12 feet. However, flat screen panels can also be used. The screen uses an angled, wedge-shaped wire cut through the bottom water layer. The screen panels can be removed for maintenance or replacement. The wedge-shaped screen is oriented horizontally and perpendicular to the direction of flow, which comes from the accelerator plate.

Installation angle
The installation angle secures the system to the frame and provides horizontal bolts for quick mounting adjustments. The primary goal is to provide smooth flow acceleration as the flow passes over the crest of the wave. The most common angle is 5°, with angles ranging from 3° to 6°.


  • Increase the uptime and efficiency of hydroelectric plants
  • Avoid more maintenance operations through self-cleaning
  • Save energy due to the absence of mechanical moving parts
  • Corrosion resistance thanks to high-grade stainless steel
  • Provides excellent performance even at low temperatures
  • Wedge line construction provides trustworthy fish protection


  • Hydro Intake Screens.
  • Fisheries, Fish Farming.
  • Aqua Culture.
  • Micro Herbs / Veg.
  • River Screening.
  • Irrigation.

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