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Coanda Screen (3)

Coanda Intake Screen

Coanda Intake Screen is one of the filtration products for intake clean water which is also called Coanda Effect Screen. The critical structure of the screen is the wedge wire and support rod formed wedge wire plate. JX Filtration has designed the high strength frame…
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Coanda Screens intake is a self-cleaning water intake. It uses a slanted wedge-shaped wire mesh part to slope downward. Coanda Screens Intake is located on the downstream surface of the inlet weir. An ogee-shaped accelerating plate delivers flow at the precise angle and speed required…
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Application: impurities and fish exclusion from river, hydropower plant intakes, irrigation water. Product: coanda screen assembly (coanda weir) Precision: 0.2mm-2mm Construction material: SS304 or SS316 Dimensions and screen angle: can be customized Screen type: wedge wire screen Application: impurities( garbage, stones, leaves) and fish or…
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