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How does the Shallow Sand Filter Work?

Sand Filter

The operation of high-efficiency continuous filter can be divided into raw water filtration and filter material cleaning, and then two relatively independent and simultaneous processes. The two are done in different positions of the same filter, the former relying on high pitch difference or pump lifting, while the latter is done by compressed air. 

Shallow Sand Filter is the use of one or more filter media, operation in room temperature, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation, pH application range of 2-13. The system is equipped with perfect protection devices and monitoring instruments, and has a backwash function, mud and other pollutants are quickly washed away, water consumption is small, according to user requirements can be set up fully automatic function. Under a certain pressure, the stock solution is flocculated, adsorbed and intercepted through the contact of the medium to remove impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtration.

The fillers contained in the filter are: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, etc., which users can choose to use according to the actual situation. It can effectively remove colloidal particles and polymer organic matter.

The shallow sand filter filler is quartz sand, activated carbon, and the particle size is generally 1-2mm.

Under normal circumstances: the ordinary quartz sand used for sewage treatment, the service life is about 3-5 years, the refined quartz sand filter material is used in pure water treatment, generally 2-3 years to replace, because after the quartz sand is polluted, the pollutant wraps the quartz sand to form a thin film, then it can not play a filtering role, can only be replaced.

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