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Diatomite Filter

Solid Liquid Separator

The filtration system of diatomite filter consists of machine cavity, shell, hollow shaft, filter element, spacer ring, rubber sealing ring, clamp, buffer plate, sight glass window, pressure gauge, etc. The machine cavity is divided into two types: integral and multi-section. The joints are made of non-toxic rubber sealing rings, and all parts in contact with liquid are made of high quality stainless steel. When working, connect the shell with the force of the hand wheel or the clamp to form a sealing table. Exhaust valve equipped, the gas can be discharged from it after running.

There is a 1" or 1 1/3" ball valve at the inlet of the machine, and the high-pressure liquid organism from the pump enters the machine cavity. There is a buffer plate in the machine cavity to protect the filter medium coating on the filter plate. There are two 1" or 1 1/a" ball valves at the outlet, one for circulating filter aid coating, and one for positive filter after pre-coating.

There is a pressure gauge on the machine cavity, and its reading value directly shows the pressure in the machine cavity. The body is supported by four wheels can be rotated at any angle as required to be used in any suitable position.


The diatomite filter (beverage filter) is made of 1Cr18NiTi high-quality stainless steel by introducing advanced technology.

It has beautiful appearance, easy and convenient operation, low filtration cost, high efficiency, filtration clarity up to 99.8%, well-operated, and can even filter out Escherichia coli.

The machine has been widely used in sugar, fruit wine, low-alcohol wine, rice wine, water treatment and other industries, and has been well received.


The diatomite filter has obvious advantages over the old cotton cake filter:

  • 92% energy saving
  • Alcohol loss can be reduced by 90%
  • Saving 2/3 of equipment cost
  • Production workers reduced by 3/4

Liquor and beverage after using Diatomite filter:

  • The same flavor
  • Non-toxic
  • No suspension
  • No precipitation
  • Clear and transparent liquid
  • High filtration

The machine occupies a small area, light and flexible, easy to move.

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