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Seawater Treatment PP Bag Filter Housing

Bag Filter Housing
Anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance. Best choice for seawater desalination pre-treatment. Easy to clean.

PP bag filter housing could prevent liquid from crystallizing to facilitate manual cleaning. The special anti-corrosion material made this kind of filter more durable and suitable for various working conditions.

The working principle and functions are same as the usual bag filter housing but with lower cost. Moreover, it is capable of chemical acid-base solutions filtration.

JX Filtration is able to provide maximum 38 bags PP filter housing, and all the components are made by PP/PE or other anti-corrosive plastic material.

Each connection part has a leak-proof design to prevent internal leakage of the barrel and meet the requirements of precision filtration.

Regarding the single bag PP filter housing, we have the advanced model as shown in above pictures. It is made by higher standard PP material (PVDF /PPH /PPR), convenient screw cover design and better sealing performance.

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