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How does a bag filter housing work?

Bag Filter Housing
Bag filter housing has the simplest structure and widely applied in many kinds of industries such as water treatment, paint, ink, food and beverage, fine chemicals, paper making, automobile, etc.

Bag filter housing mainly consists of filter cylinder, filter bags and support screen mesh, flange, locking device, top cover,etc.

When the liquid flows from the inlet to container, the particles or suspended solid will be trapped in the filter bags.  The filter bags are placed in the reinforce support screen. The cleaning water will be discharged by outlet.

The filter bags containing impurities could be remove from the filter housing. After cleaning or replacing the filter bags, the equipment could back to work again.

The bag filter housing has no fixed filter precision. The precision can range from 1-200 um by changing different standard filter bags.

JX advanced bag filter housing designed a quick-open mechanism to open the heavy top cover conveniently and shorten operation time.

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