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Jacketed Bag Filter Housing for Chemical Industry

Bag Filter Housing
Two layers to increase or maintain temperature. Ideal for viscosity liquid filtration. Various housing and sealing material are available.  Maximum 38 bags filter.

The two layer design of jacketed bag filter can keep or increase the liquid temperature to protect it from crystallization or solidification and improve the filter speed of viscous liquid.

Besides, jacketed bag filter is able to meet any temperature requirements for next process not just filtration. It is the best choice for chemical industry application.

With inlet and outlet equipped on the outer layer, the heat source (including steam, water, and conduction oil) can be introduced.

The high heat exchange efficiency, excellent insulation performance can ensure good fluidity of materials. Regarding the sealing, the material can be customized based on the liquid chemical compatibility.

It is applied in pre-filtration or ultra-filtration in the chemical industry, food & beverage industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. It can realize steam heating or condensing cooling for viscous material or the material that need thermal insulation.

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