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Duplex Bag Filter Housing Continuous Filtration!

Bag Filter Housing
24h continuous filtration. Installed on the movable stand: suitable for any production site. Anti-corrosive and temperature resistance. 

The duplex bag filter could manufactured maximum 38 bags for single housing. One with a prepared unit design made the bag filter housing achieve the continuous filtration.

The housing is mainly made by carbon steel/ SS304/ SS316 or any other standard stainless steel. Each filter bag has a lock device to avoid leakage.

While cleaning one set of the bag filter housing, another one could continue work without any interruption. The three-way ball valve installed on the inlet and outlet for convenient operation.

Moreover, it has the compact structure covering smaller area and lower cost. With high filter precision, it is the best choice for the pre-filtration and fine particles filtration.

The duplex single bag filter could installed a movable cart for flexible application.  Besides, the side-in side-out and top-in bottom-out designs are available.

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