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What is Multi-bag Filter Housing?

Bag Filter Housing
JX Filtration leading products containing maximum 38 bags. Filter precision could reach 0.5 microns. Over 5000 sets sold each year.

The multi-bag filter housing mainly consists of filter cylinder body, filter cylinder cover and quick opening mechanism, stainless steel filter bag reinforcement mesh and other main components. 

It has the simplest structure and easy to operate. After installed the equipment, the liquid flows into and particles will be trapped in the filter bags.

The filter bags could reuse after cleaning. To replace other model of filter bags could meet different filter precision ( 0.5um-1000um) requirements.

Housing material can be PP/Carbon Steel/ SS304/ SS316/ SS316L, etc. The filter bag is mainly made by PE/PP/Nylon.

The bag filter housing has large treatment capacity, high filter precision and low cost. It is ideal for industries of paper, food and beverage, chemicals, petroleum, ink, dyes filtration. 

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