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PP Polypropylene Precision Filter

Bag Filter Housing
PP Polypropylene Precision Filter, using high quality PP material, its density is as high as 0.96g/cm³, replacing stainless steel and carbon steel filter within the range of working pressure and temperature allowed, can meet the filtration application of many chemical acid and alkali solutions. The one-time injection molding type housing, no contact, no dead angle and precise specifications; is an excellent product with high quality, high efficiency and economy. Its cost is lower and it is more suitable for the occasions with stronger corrosion.

PP Polypropylene Precision Filter


  • Filter housing with double specification design, with the option of filter bags or cartridges for filtration.
  • Smooth inner surface of the filter housing without grooves, dead ends and easy cleaning.
  • The leak-proof design, the filtrate will not bypass and will not overflow.
  • The top cover is designed with quick-opening, which is easy for customers to change the filter bags.
  • PP density is up to 0.96g/cm³, the density of general products in the market is only 0.90~0.93 g/cm³, which makes our products more pressure resistant and anti-corrosion performance stronger.
  • In place of stainless steel bag filter within the range of working pressure and temperature allowed, its cost is lower and more suitable for more corrosive occasions.
  • The filtration area is up to 9.5㎡, which is more suitable for high-flow filtration occasions.


Desalination, precision filtration of inorganic acids, organic acids, alkalis and hydroxides in chemical plants, industrial liquids and products, electroplating liquids, food and vegetable oils, pharmaceuticals in pharmaceutical plants, etc.

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