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Filter Bag

Bag Filter Housing

Common model

  • The size of No. 1 filter bag is Φ180×430mm (Φ7×17 inches), the theoretical flow per hour can reach 20 cubic meters, and the filtering area is 0.25m2.
  • The size of No. 2 filter bag is Φ180×810mm (Φ7×32 inches), the filter area is 0.5 m2, and the theoretical flow rate is 40m3/h.
  • The size of No. 3 filter bag is Φ106×230mm (Φ4×9 inches), the theoretical flow per hour can reach 10 m3, and the filtering area is 0.15 m2.
  • The size of No. 4 filter bag is Φ106×380mm (Φ4×15 inches), the theoretical flow rate reaches 18 m3/h, and the filtering area is 0.2 m2.

Main materials

Polyester (PE), polypropylene (PP) and nylon (NO).

PE and PP are deep three-dimensional filter materials, 100% pure fibers and suitable for 0.1-200μm. The production adopts acupuncture method to form a three-dimensional, highly fluffy three-dimensional structure and a curved filter layer. It is characterized by loose fibrous tissue, thereby increasing the dirt holding capacity of the filter bag. The utility model adopts a deep filtering method, which can effectively intercept the soft particles, that is, the large particles of impurities are intercepted on the surface of the fiber, and the particles are captured in the inner layer of the filter material, so as to ensure that the filter bag will not be damaged due to the increase of pressure during the use process. The filtration efficiency is higher.

It is suitable for filter bags of 50-1250 microns, made of nylon (NO) material, suitable for 30-500 mesh (filter bag accuracy is in microns), with plastic ring hot melt, plastic diameter is 8-18 cm, can also choose from wire loops or stainless steel loops.


It can be widely used in food filtration, chemical resin plant filtration, liquid medicine filtration, industrial oil filtration, etc.

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