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DL Series Bag Filter

Bag Filter Housing

DL series bag filter is a multi-function filter equipment with new structure, small occupancy, flexible operation, energy-saving, high-efficiency, enclosed operation and excellent applicability. The filter is mainly composed by filter cylinder, cylinder lid, quick-opening structure, filter bag reinforce net. Filter bag is a very important part, it decides filter precision. Filter bag has many kinds of material to apply to different applications so that the filter can meet different filter requirements.

Working principle

DL series filter bag belongs to pressure filter equipment, liquid flow into the 
filter bag through the side-way. Filter bag itself is fitted in the reinforce net that the qualified filtrate is achieved after the liquid pass the filter bag which has various precision ranks. The impurity is seized by the filter bag. The filter bag 
is easy to be changed and has little consumption of materials.


  1. For leaf filter, filter residue or supplement to filter out a small amount of leakage in the filtrate.
  2. For the packaging machine, the final product oil for the final precision filtration, effectively improve the color of oil.
  3. It's widely used in paint, beer, vegetable oil, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemicals, petroleum products, textile chemicals, sensitization chemical, electroplate, milk, mineral water, hot solvent, milk rubber, industrial water, sweet water, resin, printing ink, industrial waste water, juice, edible oil, etc.

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