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Agricultural Irrigation Water Filter

Sand Filter

The key point of irrigation project is anti-clogging. Selecting the right filters is very important for a successful irrigation project.

Sand filters and automatic backwash disc filters are commonly used. The sand filter is used for primary filtration, and the automatic backwash disc filter is used for second filtration.

The sand filter consists of a steel tank filled with quartz sand. Filter impurities through sand media. The gravel filter must be flushed alternately. Preferably for automatic backwash. Sand and gravel filters have the best effect on filtering organic impurities in river water and lake water. It is often installed at the head of the agricultural irrigation system as a primary filter.

The automatic backwash disc filter is to overlap the plastic laminated sheets with grooves, pass water through the channel formed by the grooves, and intercept impurities to achieve the purpose of filtration. Like a mesh filter, it can be used alone when the water quality is good. It is generally used as a secondary filter, used in conjunction with a sand filter.

The combination of sand filter and automatic backwash disc filter are usually used for river and lake water rich in organic impurities.

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