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Top Entering Bag Filter Housing

Bag Filter Housing

It is a common filter, designed according to actual application requirements and various filtration engineering needs, and its advantages meet the needs of many existing engineering filtration device.


Turtle-back type top-entry filter is a pressure type filter device. It adopts the structure of precision casting type top-entry filter, five sets of rocker type head bolts are locked in parallel at multiple points, and the whole plate is cut by computer programming to minimize the deformation and the sealing performance is excellent. It effectively eliminate the waste of internal space existing in the traditional side entry type.


It is convenient and quick to open the upper cover to quickly replace the filter bag. Compared with the traditional side entry machine, the filter bag pressure ring can be removed before replacement, which reduces the chance of secondary pollution. The liquid inlet pipe is wide and smooth, and the inside of the top cover is trumpet-shaped. After the liquid enters, the pressure can be automatically divided, and the impact on the filter bag is small, which can effectively protect the filter bag and prevent accidents. The pressure loss is small, and the filtration is stable.

The effective filtration area is large and the filtration efficiency is high. The installation height is adjustable, and the structure is reasonable and practical for various engineering filter design requirements.

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