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Sidehill Screen

Sieve Bend Screen

The Sidehill Screen is used to remove the fine particles in the sewage to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation and raw material recovery. Widely used in food, textile, printing and dyeing, paper-making, chemical industry, medicine, wood processing, breeding and other industries. In addition, it is also suitable for the sorting of ore and ceramic raw materials.


Working principle

The Sidehill Screen uses an external water pump to transport the sewage to be treated to the feed box, and then evenly distributes it to the screen. Relying on the combined action of the centrifugal force and gravity of the water flow, when the solid material is in relative shearing motion with the screen, the solids are removed. At the same time, the solids accumulated on the screen roll down with the help of the fluid, and the liquid continuously washes and cleans the screen, thus completing the whole process of continuous self-cleaning of the screen and continuous collection of solids.


  • The equipment runs without power consumption and is continuous and stable.
  • The screen is made of stainless steel wedge wire screen, which is not blocked or corroded.
  • The installation form is simple and the operation is convenient.
  • Wide application range and small footprint.

Installation and debugging

 After hoisting the equipment, place it on the foundation and fix it with anchor bolts. Then connect the water inlet and outlet pipes to the equipment. After passing the water, check the water flow. If it is normal, fix the adjusting bolt and put it into use.


Scrub the screen surface regularly with clean water to avoid the growth of biofilm on the mesh surface or blockage of the meshes, which will affect the treatment effect.
If conditions permit, set up a high-level water tank at the water inlet to slow down the water flow rate, distribute the water evenly, and improve the treatment effect.


1. When the equipment is in use, the liquid level after the water outlet is at the bottom of the water outlet of the equipment.
2. The lift of the sewage pump at the water inlet should not be too high.

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