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Bag Filter Housing With Magnet Rod

Bag Filter Housing
JX Filtration designed to remove iron contaminants and other fine ferromagnetic impurities. Widely used in food, metal processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, mining industry.
  • Caliber: DN25-DN600.
  • Peak magnetic field (Gauss): 10000/12000.
  • Applicable temperature (℃) :<60 (high temperature type can be customized)
  • Housing material: SS 304/316
  • Design pressure (MPa): 0.6/1.0
  • Very low magnetic attenuation: long service life, only 1% attenuation after 10 years.
  • No energy is consumed during work, no moving parts.
  • Special quick-opening and easy-to-clean upper cover, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Applicable liquid type: liquid containing iron particles.
  • Main separation function: capture iron particles
  • Separation type: magnetic capture
  • Applicable industries: food and beverage, metal processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, paper making, etc.
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