Rotary Drum Screen

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Rotary Drum Screen


Rotary Drum Screen Filter is mechanical filtration equipment, including transmission device, water distributor, water spraying device, and other major components. The Rotating Drum Screen is made of stainless steel. The working principle is that the treated water enters the water distributor from the inlet; after a short period of steady flow, it evenly overflows from the outlet and distributes on the rotary drum screener that rotates in the opposite direction. Due to the relative shearing motion generated by the water flow and the inner wall of the rotary drum screens, the solid is retained and separated, and tumbles by the spiral guiding plate and discharges from the other end of the Rotary drum screen; And directed by the protection cover, the filtered wastewater flows out from the underneath sink.

The frame of the Rotating Drum Screen filter is equipped with a flushing water pipe and is sprayed with pressure water (3Kg/m²) in a fan-shaped manner to flush and dredge the Rotary drum screen so as to ensure good filtering capability.

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