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JX Filtration (China) Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Wedge Wire, Bag Filter Housing, Self Cleaning Filter, Automatic Backwash Filter, Rotary Drum Filter, Rotary Drum Screen, Screw Press, and etc.

Our Wedge Wire Screen (Wedge Wire Screening), Automatic Backwash Filter, Rotary Drum Screen, Bag Filter Housing, Volute Dewatering Press. With highly mature production lines, we can provide high-quality and inexpensive products in large quantities.

Because of the difference in raw material price, factory wages and other considerations, we have set up three factories in major cities of China to ensure our product quality and price advantage.

We have more than 10 professional engineers and 80 experienced workers who can provide solutions to our customer’s filtration problems.

We have distributors throughout 34 districts in China. We also have exported equipment to many countries, such as the US, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Norway, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Russia, Nepal and etc.

Our customers are delighted with our equipment and after-sale services.

filtration equipment


filtration equipment
filtration equipment
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