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Vibro Screen Separator

Tumbler Screening machine consists of a hopper, vibrating chambers, couples and vibration motor. There are eccentric wheel, soft rubber ware, main shaft and shaft-bearings in the vibration chamber.

The adjustable eccentric hammer is driven to the centerline through the motor, cause centrifugal force under the state of unbalance and the materials from the regular eddy. The amplitude of the hammer can be adjusted by the property of materials and the mesh screen.

Advantages & Features:

  • Low energy consumption and noise.
  • High filter precision, large treatment capacity, and simple structure.
  • Fully enclosed structure, prevent dust spillover, good sealing, automatic discharge.
  • Solid and reliable structure: the main part of the screen is welded with copper plate and profile (the part between the main body is used for bolt connection).
  • Unique design of screen structure, convenient and quickly to change screen (only 3 to 5 minutes)
  • Main screen fully supporting the fine screen, the fine screen has long service life, and reduce the consumables cost of the fine screen. This design allows to using all kinds of screen (nylon, special dragon, PP screen).
  • Exquisite and easy to assemble: one worker can operate the tumbler screening.
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