Externally Fed Drum Screen Filter

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen



Spiral Rotary Drum Screens

The microscreen drum filter can remove the tiny particles with the diameter larger than 0.25 mm in the water.

Product Details

The externally fed drum screen filter is composed of a case made up of stainless steel plate and section bars. The stainless steel filter, whose surface is made up of a stainless steel "v" profile wedge wire type winded up as a spiral, rotates inside the case. The distance between each coil is the same as the desired filtering slot. 


The liquids to be filtered flow in the feeding tank through a flanged inlet and are conveyed on the filter surface through a special distributor equipped with wet seal. The solids separation occurs there: the solids are kept and made to rotate by the external surface of the rotating filter, and, finally, discharged by a brass cleaning blade. The liquid filtered passes through the filtering drum, where it is washed again on the opposite side of the filter, conveyed on the tank bottom and then discharged. The filter rotates thanks to a bath oil gearbox directly connected at the rotating drum filter. Inside the rotating filter there is or a washing system equipped with nozzles (mobile washing system), which work with high-pressure water, or a bar composed of a set of spray nozzles (fixed washing system), through which the filtering drum can be periodically cleaned. 

Technical parameter


  • Very Fine Filtration And High Flow Rates

  • Wedge Wire Filter

  • Installation In Narrow Rooms

Water separation treatment of industrial waste water in these industries :-

  • Paper Mills

  • Food Industry

  • Chemical Industry